Determinants and consequences of educational trajectories

This key project will examine the determinants and effects of educational trajectories in connection with demographic structures and family milieu. "Educational" trajectories will be studied from birth through analysis of the role and operating of day care services and early childhood education as well as of differences in parents’ money and time investments by child’s sex and among siblings, and differences in how girls and boys are oriented and the disciplinary areas they earn degrees in.
The project will also be attentive to student living conditions, together with the practice of working while studying and its effects on scholastic performance and the securing of employment. Young people’s integration into employment and their acquisition of economic independence with regard to their personal and family lives will be analysed, together with investments made in post-education training. Contributions to the "Families and Societies" project on transitions to adulthood and policies for helping young people attain economic independence (part of the European Union’s Seventh Community Research and Development Programme) will give the project a comparative dimension.

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