Meetings of the research unit

Workshop organized by the Anr Vieillir à deux

Growing old in a couple (14-15 November 2019)

Unit workshop

Each year, the research unit on economic demography organizes a scientific conference where researchers present their work on a unifying theme.


Workshop Family and Pension (May 7th 2019)

Journée Défis socioéconomiques de la perte d’autonomie : Perspectives individuelles et populationnelles (May 18th 2018)

Journée Petite enfance et politiques publiques (May 30th 2017)

Workshop Poverty and at-risk of poverty (May 19th 2016) 

Workshop Transition to adulthood (May 27th 2015)

Workshop Time: sharing a finite resource (May 13th 2014)

Workshop Measures and effects of inequality in education (March 28th 2013)

Workshop Integration of migrants and their descendants: housing and employment (March 13th 2012)

Conference on the Economics of the family (October 6-8 2011)

Conference Recent developments in family economics (March 18-19 2010)

Workshop The intergenerational transfers (March 17th 2009)

Workshop Age, living standards and welfare: which challenges for pensions? (March 18th 2008)

Workshop Work and parenting make it compatible? (March 6th 2007)

  • Workshop Spatial disparities and migrations (December 1st 2005) 
  • Workshop Education (December 7th 2004)  
  • Workshop Collective models (December 2003)

Paris Seminar in Demographic Economics

The Seminar is organized by the Paris School of Economics, INED and by the University Paris Dauphine. 

Lundis de l’INED

Economic Demography unit is in charge of one Lundis de l’INED seminar per year.