Economic demography department

Economic Demography department

The Economic Demography Unit is one of 11 research units at the French National Institute for Demographic Studies (Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques). The purpose of the unit is to bring together theoretical, empirical and applied research on the interactions between demography and economics. The unit analyses the demo-economic behaviour of families (e.g. fertility, employment, place of residence) and studies the relationship between population structure and the labour market, as well as the links between population characteristics (e.g. age, sex, origin) and occupational mobility, discrimination, and so on. The unit also measures the impact of social policies (e.g. pensions, family policy) on individual and family behaviour.


Workshop “Family and Pensions Systems”, Tuesday May 07th 2019


- Researchers who have joined the economic demography department since September 2017

  • Ognjen OBUCINA (Senior Researcher)
  • Yajna GOVIND (PhD student)
  • Marta Veljovic (PhD student)
  • Julie Tréguier (PhD student)